3 Simple Yet Effective Steps To Saving Your Marriage

by R.P. Smith on December 9, 2010

Even though the very thought of losing your spouse to a possible separation or divorce has consumed you, there are still steps you can take to save it. It may seem grim or that all is lost and there is nothing you can do at this point to save it, but that isn’t true. If you can follow these 3 steps to the letter, than there is hope. What you can’t do right now is give up, even though you feel like you’ve been beaten already.

The fist thing you should begin doing is getting yourself under control. Don’t let the panic and desperation to save your marriage control everything you do. You know what I’m talking about. There isn’t time to mope around or be depressed. There isn’t time to sit around and dwell on what you should or could have done to prevent this. It’s already here on your doorstep, so forget all of that. What you need is to focus on what your going to do to stop it.

The next thing, and this is really important. Let your spouse go. As much as I know it hurts, I know trust me, you have to let them be. It may drive you crazy to do so, because you have so many things you want to say. You want to convince your spouse to stay, but without knowing exactly how to do it you’re just taking a chance to make things worse. You can cry and plead with your spouse to stay until you’re blue in the face, but they’re not. In fact, when you do this you’re just pushing them away even faster. So back off, and give your spouse some space to come to terms with their decision. This is all building towards your end goal, which will be saving your marriage.

This third step is the most important of all, and hard to except at first but you must. But, let me ask you first. Do you know what to do, what to say, how to act and react to what your spouse is doing at any given time? I know you have left it up to yourself until now, but do you really know how to make your spouse want to stay in this marriage as much as you do? If you’re like 99.9% of anyone else, than most likely you don’t. That’s where excepting that you need help is so vitally important, knowing when to stop what you’re already doing and approach saving your marriage from a totally different angle. One which is designed to save your marriage, not ruin it. Which most of us will do with out real guidance to save it. So, seeking real help from someone is a critical final step.

So stop rolling the dice, leaving your marriage to chance. Wondering if you’ve said or done the wrong thing. Stop worrying if what you’re about to say or do is the straw that broke the camels back so to speak. Instead, “know” what you should say and “know” what you should do to save your marriage.

You can learn this step by step process to saving your marriage that will teach you what to say and what to do, how to react and handle situations in your marriage crisis so that you can save your marriage. At the same time avoiding any further damage that unguided attempts to save it can cause.

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Article by R.P. Smith

  • http://www.marriagecounselingalternative.com/2888/marriage-crisis-the-true-cause-infidelity/ Marriage Crisis

    I totally agree with the fact that one should not waste time to fret
    about what’s already done. Most of the times we women drown ourselves in
    household responsibilities or other work and we start taking our spouses for
    granted. We think since they have committed to us , that they will stay there
    and wait for us till eternity. They will certainly not! We need to be
    realistic; if we want them to stick around through sickness and in health then
    we need to contribute in there too. Here we fail; and then later when the ships
    have sailed, we suddenly wake up and try to control the other person emotionally
    or through nagging. That’s like knocking over the bruised head and doing deeper
    damage. That said, I think that there can’t be any other best advice than the
    one given here. Leave him alone, let him go. Have you ever thought that even if
    you manage to stop him, he won’t be there with all his heart. Better let him be
    happy and move on.


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